In Restoration

This page features concertinas that we’ve recently acquired that will be restored and then moved to our main stock selection page once they’re ready. This is an opportunity to browse the selection and get in touch to register interest- we can then contact you once the concertina is finished. Alternatively, we can sell the instruments unrestored if you have a preferred repairer or want do to the job yourself.

Wheatstone Aeola 56-Key Tenor-Treble (8501)

  • Type: English
  • Make: Wheatstone
  • Model: Tenor-Treble
  • Price: £2500

Lachenal Excelsior 56-Key Extended-Treble (8507)

  • Type: English
  • Make: Lachenal
  • Model: Extended-Treble
  • Price: £850

Wheatstone Mayfair 30-Key Anglo in C/G

  • Type: Anglo
  • Make: Wheatstone
  • Model: 30-Key in C/G
  • Price: £500

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